Photo Gallery - Route 66

Route 66 - a "Highway to hell" section in California. Most people think the road is straight at most places, well it is not. This picture is a rare exemption.
Half way on the road: Adrian TX. Both directions the road takes you further 1186 miles. We always have a nice tea at the Midpoint Cafe and enjoy the photo op. of proud ourselves under the marking sign.
Fueling in Shamrock, TX. Gas prices are increasing, right now the national average is $3.85 per gallon, is is about $0.5 more than a year ago. Most expensive region is West Coast with $4.4 which is still a breeze comparing to the European average of EUR 1.5 per liter that makes about $9.3 per gallon.
Petrified Forest National Park straddles the border between Apache County and Navajo County in northeastern Arizona. Petrified Forest National Park is known for its fossils, especially of fallen trees that lived in the Late Triassic period of the Mesozoic era, about 225 million years ago. I am sitting on one of these.
A loner on Route 66
Elmers' place. I believe he has an obsession about bottles, I was in his yard several times, never met him in person. I wonder if he discovered the new ones I placed on his trees over the years...
Arizona, near state border. Why am I not there right now?
"Well if you ever plan to motor west Travel my way, take the highway that’s the best Get your kicks on Route 66."
Heading back to Route 66 after visiting Meteor Crater in AZ. A great flat ride! I think Humphreys Peak can be seen in distance (12633 ft / 3851 m) that we would pass the next day on our way to Grand Kanyon from Flagstaff.
Route 66 is getting signed better by years, however, there are a lot of places where we know the right direction but has no sign confirmation. Also a rider can ride into dirt roads if following Route 66 signs, well, it is called adventure.
Wherever you stop on Route 66 there are wonderful little scenes asking for a picture taken. And you DO.
The old Ford is actually not part of our touring vehicles. She has been sitting there since I can remember. This place is called Hackberry on the way to Kingman, AZ.
GO West!
An old Airsteamer trailer is stationed by Bagdad Cafe. We had bad experience here with lunch: slow kitchen, rude service. I guess we should have been honored to get anything at all all. It is still a good odd place for refreshments, but take my advice: do not eat there.
As we proceed West we loose vegetation. This is an abandoned section of Route 66 still good for riding and very enjoyable little secret.
Soon we would enter Missouri over the river Mississippi on I270. The old Chain of Rocks Bridge is not in use anymore, in fact it became the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.
I imagine this is the picture when clocks stopped counting minutes a long way back in past.
 Remember the previous post? Well, 21 years is a long time to me. Have a look at this oak tree between the ramps by the service station. They used the ramps probably for changing oil in the cars, but surely not in the last 21 years...
 Soulby's service station stopped pumping gas 21 years ago but well worth visiting a minute or two. It is nicely restored and looks like as it was before WWII. Located the southwest corner of First St. and Old Route 66 at 710 West First St. in Mount Olive, IL.
 Yep, these folks have a sense of humor that makes everyone's life better!
Well, we did!
 This is the Route 66 brick alignment that takes you to the COOLBUS, is not it cool?
 A COOL bus in Becky's backyard. You are welcome to board the bus and expected to sign the interior. Becky sells all kind of R 66 stuff and very glad to see visitors. So, drop in if you are in the area. You have to take to brick-paved side road from 1932! A mile North of Auburn, IL.
 OK, so is the King Alive? I bet he is having a good time on Route 66, too. If you'd like a picture with him just stop in Braidwood, IL.
 Well, they do have a collection. I wonder the date when they schedule next bikers' party.
Ready to roll on Route 66? We even start some 100 miles North of Chicago. Visit the HD factory and museum, and of course Miller Breweries for free beers:)
A nice morning reflection of rain on Joe & Aggie's Cafe in Holbrook, AZ. If we stay in Holbrook this is the place for breakfast!
Volunteers repaint Paul Bunyan statue in Illinois  Volunteers from the Illinois Route 66 Association this weekend repainted the 19-foot-tall Paul Bunyan fiberglass statue on Route 66 in downtown Atlanta, Ill., reported the Bloomington Pantagraph.  The newspaper reported that help came from Michigan and Iowa, as well as the Land of Lincoln.
As I see we have 1666 likes today, thanks folks, keep on going! Today's picture is a car, or a UFO, or... I have no idea. I took this picture near Afton, Oklahoma.
Good ol' Gery is "fixing" his car at Gay Parita Service Station, 25 miles west of Springfield, MO on Historic Route 66. He is a good guy, I stop by every time we are in the area.
Route 66 offers lots of attractions. People always built funny posts, towers, signs to get the notice of travelers. This is one of the recent ones from Fanning 66 Outpost, near Cuba, MO, constructed in 2008. The rocker stands 42' 1" tall and 20' 3" wide.
 Not a rare sight to see old cars cruising on Route 66. Probably this is the most authentic way of driving vintage automobiles, they do belong here. I actually plan a tour of Route 66 driving old cars and take it easy. Another dream?
 An easy ride in MO. We were visiting Meramec Caverns the legendary hideout place for Jessie James. The tour takes 1 hour 20 minutes, do not forget to bring your jacket, it is solid 12 degrees C all year around down there.
 The route is loaded with odd things to see, meet or climb. Why would anyone climb a huge rabbit? Of course to take a picture of themselves. Staunton, IL.
Long forgotten truck in shade on day 2. Staunton, IL.
Route 66 had many extensions and sub routes over the years it was a system. New and better roads were built to handle ever increasing traffic. However there is only one place I know of where Route 66 crosses itself and it is downtown Albuquerque, NM.
Riding into the wild unknown. What a feeling - all the highway belongs to us, feel the wind, hear the roar of your bike and enjoy the vibration. Somewhere in New Mexico.
Perhaps this one is not the best picture ever, but rain is part of the tour. Actually rain is pretty common in the Arizona area of the riding during the "Monsoon Season" from July to September. These showers move on quickly, be prepared to ride them.
Watch as my friend Dave is riding into the Past. Location is Tucumcari, "hotel row", in front of one of the most famous motel Blue Swallow. The city once had the slogan of Home of 2000 motel rooms. A must stop for all in New Mexico.
Route 66 had been a lot of ways reaching LA. Sometimes we run into a dead end or two as we avoid highways where possible. Following these lonely little roads is always the best first hand experience on the road.
What a beautiful scenery! One of the longest original 4 lane road, still in use today. Hooker's Cut, MO.
A classical piece of old route 66. Around Amboy, CA.
Elmer's bottle farm, near Oro Grande right on R66, CA. He has been retired for many years now. I guess he thought it was a great idea to build a bottle tree farm in his spare time. He was right! This is something to look at. Thousands of colorful bottles everywhere (I always bring a nice one or two). Personally I have never seen him. Elmer, if you read this post: thanks for all the smiles you brought on our faces.
The strange couch. Just think of it: why anyone would take the extra effort to bring the bed into the wild open space? Yeap, this is California.
 Please do not tell the rental company we did offroad riding on Harleys, strictly forbidden by policy. Yes, there are sand dunes on the road, hard to find them, though. Join our tour and you can DO THE SAME! Picture is taken in the Calico area, CA.
 As we are getting closer to California strange places getting into view. This house could be a scene of a movie.
This little old road is a genuine piece of Route 66 running to Oatman. I love every mile of it. Soon we arrive to Oatman where sometimes wild burros go shopping. See that soon!
A rare moment: monsoon rain swept thru the desert in Hackberry, AZ. It only took 10 minutes and actually was refreshing. Enjoyed it very much.
The sign says all directions you need to know on the Route. West of Peach Springs, AZ.
A suite underworld. "The Largest, Oldest, Deepest, Darkest, Quietest motel room in the world!...<br /><br />Spending the night in the oldest, darkest, deepest, quietest, and largest suite room in the world. Imagine, 220 feet below ground, in a cavern that took 65 million years to form, in a room that is 200 feet wide, 400 feet long with a 70 foot ceiling. The largest dry cavern in the United States, so dark<br />that it is completely absent on any light, so quiet because it contains no life forms; nothing lives in the caverns, not a fly, not a mouse, a bat, bug or animal. Nothing. The only thing moving or breathing is you. The air is as dry and clean as one can get, coming in via 65 miles of limestone crevices from the Grand Canyon to the caverns. The limestone takes out all moisture and impurities… Please, re-read the above paragraph, slowly, and think about what each feature represents.<br /><br />You take the elevator down 22 stories underground and spend the night in a place so quiet and dark, so large and so old, and so alone. It is not for everyone, but if you have the desire and will, you can do this. <br /><br /><br />Sorry, had no tripod with me - this is why the picture is so blury, it is a cool experience to sleep down there - Grand Kanyon Caverns, AZ.
Grand Kanyon photo op. In recent years most of the rim was sealed off to prevent tourists sitting on the edge, I can see why... The road is now re-paved and gives us a really nice riding pleasure on the South Rim. We usually take the helicopter flight over the Kanyon if weather is kind enough to us.
We are in Holbrook, AZ. The beast is (which one?) about having breakfast. Next door is my fab cofee place: Joe & Aggie's, behind Stan's Barber Shop—this is an old-style barbershop offering men’s military cuts and flattop-style cuts for only $9.
Missouri gives you one of the best scenic rides on the route.
One more place where you sign your name on a exhibition. This car has been quietly sitting at midpoint (Adrian, TX) for many years now. Sign your name and have a great pie in the shop next door. As this is the midpoint of the road you still have 1139 miles to ride until the magnificent Pacific Ocean.
A little west of Amarillo TX is the famous Cadillac ranch, a real piece of art from 1974. Some cars were running fine at the time of purchase. Even, the artist felt sorry for them. The cars are half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Feel free to paint them. Sprays are often found at the site.
Well, the famous leaning tower. Guess what? It has been leaning all the time, even, was built leaning to draw attention of passing-by folks, what a great marketing idea of ol' times! This attraction is just East of Groom, TX.
The route is not short of romantic gateaways, this one is East of Eric, Oklahoma. The pavement is original, not much used these days...
A picture from the road. Highways are far away as we are approaching to Amarillo, Texas. These little byways make the travel super fascinating.
A little piece of history from 1932. An original brick road just North of Auburn, IL. It is a bare 1.5 mile long very well preserved old section of R66. As you notice it must be the beginning of the journey as not many dead flies decorate my windshield. By the way, the road is surprisingly insect free all way long.
A night in a WIGWAM. Not a typical motel for sure. No pool, no breakfast, no WIFI, perfect! Holbrook, Arizona.
The KING is alive! Except for the fact he speaks like Kevin Costner and cannot play the guitar. He thinks he can. Do not ask for the guitar playing part if you are there, seriously! He is the owner of a burger joint in Oklahoma city where we stop every time for a meal. A cool place actually. Might post a picture of it later on.
Route 66 is loaded with rusting old cars. Some of them must have seen better days. This one was sitting by the road around Vinita, Oklahoma.
We visited Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup, located on Route 66 just south of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. They had these two cars with license plates that are related to their business, indeed.
This piece of road is running across the Petrified Forest NP. A storm is approaching, what a pretty sign!
Some of the finest 52 hot rods at the Hall of Fame Museum. This place is near Bernice, Oklahoma. Large tour companies cannot afford to visit this exhibition as it is a 25 mi. detour and time is always running short. Not for us! Sometimes our group arrives a little late to the day's accommodation, but nobody minds: you do not go there every day.
Giant Paul stopped selling hamburgers and hot dogs long time ago, however, he still welcomes visitors in Atlanta, IL.
One of the most scenic places of route 66: Devil's Elbow, MO.
The pictures are selected at random. This one was taken by the old Sinclair fuel station in Odell, Illinois.
HD Museum in Milwaukee. What a nice little side trip before the fun begins on Route 66!

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