Route 66 - Eastern Part: Chicago IL to Albuquerque NM in 8 days!

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle

Tour dates (in English):

tour dates route66 Jun 01, 2017 - Jun 08, 2017
tour dates route66 Jun 08, 2017 - Jun 15, 2017 - Sold out
tour dates route66 Jun 29, 2017 - Jul 06, 2017
tour dates route66 Jul 06, 2017 - Jul 13, 2017
tour dates route66 Jul 20, 2017 - Jul 27, 2017
tour dates route66 Aug 03, 2017 - Aug 10, 2017
tour dates route66 Aug 17, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017
tour dates route66 Aug 31, 2017 - Sep 07, 2017
tour dates route66 Sep 07, 2017 - Sep 14, 2017 - Sold out
tour dates route66 Sep 14, 2017 - Sep 21, 2017
tour dates route66 Sep 21, 2017 - Sep 28, 2017
tour dates route66 Sep 28, 2017 - Oct 05, 2017
tour dates route66 Oct 12, 2017 - Oct 19, 2017

Tour dates (Spanish Exclusive Language):

tour dates route66 Jul 19, 2017 - Jul 26, 2017
tour dates route66 Aug 16, 2017 - Aug 23, 2017
tour dates route66 Sep 05, 2017 - Sep 12, 2017
tour dates route66 Sep 20, 2017 - Sep 27, 2017

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Prices for guided tours (per person):

1 rider 1 motorcycle 1 room: US$4,710.00 (£3,674.00, AU$6,311.00, NZ$6,641.00,R 60 524,00, 4.192,00 €)

2 people 1 motorcycle 1 room: US$2,835.00 (£2,211.00, AU$3,799.00, NZ$3,997.00,R 36 430,00, 2.523,00 €)

2 people 2 motorcycles 1 room: US$3,542.00 (£2,763.00, AU$4,746.00, NZ$4,994.00,R 45 515,00, 3.152,00 €)

It is possible to join a guided tour with your own motorcycle. The deduction is $100 per bike/per riding day (on this tour it would be a discount of $700 USD per bike) on the base tour price. Furthermore, if you should break down the tour guides would not be allowed to work on your bike, nor would you be able to ride the spare bike of the trailer, due to insurance issues.

Prices for self-guided tours (per person):

1 rider 1 motorcycle 1 room: US$3,397.00 (£2,650.00, AU$4,552.00, NZ$4,790.00,R 43 651,00, 3.023,00 €)

2 people 1 motorcycle 1 room: US$1,774.00 (£1,384.00, AU$2,377.00, NZ$2,501.00,R 22 796,00, 1.579,00 €)

2 people 2 motorcycles 1 room: US$2,687.00 (£2,096.00, AU$3,601.00, NZ$3,789.00,R 34 528,00, 2.391,00 €)

Day 1: Arrive to Chicago, IL

After touching down at Chicago International Airport we ask you to transfer to your hotel. Chicago, it almost goes out with saying, is one hell of a town; the largest, most vibrant of the Great Lake cities. The city skyline has few peers and down on the streets you’ll find a fantastic selection of world class museums, restaurants and cafes. There is also the city’s famed bar and nightclub scene that is still anchored in an incredible jazz and blues tradition. The fun begins with a Welcome Dinner and drinks with your fellow riders, and ends in one of Chicago's finest hotels, The Drake. In the morning the long dreamt of journey across Route 66 begins.

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
A little piece of brick road from 1926. Auburn, IL

Day 2: Chicago, IL - Springfield, IL (Miles:187, Kilometers:301)

First order of business is to pick up your Harley Davidson before you can start on the ultimate American road trip. Parallel to I-55, (the Interstate 55) the legendary Route 66 began its run right here. It cut through the state before it ran the whole way to the Pacific Coast. Along the way you’ll see old-time diners and service stations which are a real slice of Americana. Riding South from Chicago, we will pass the old archetypal truck stop town of McLean, but we don’t linger, instead we barrel through the coal-mining area of Illinois and continue along the Pontiac Trail, as this road used to be known. Finally we pull into Springfield, the Illinois state capital. You can choose between staying at either the Hilton Downtown Springfield or the historic Abraham Lincoln Hotel. Both hotels are just a stone’s throw from the site of Abraham Lincoln's Illinois home.

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
Chain of Rocks Bridge over Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO

Day 3: Springfield, IL - St. Louis, MO (Miles:116, Kilometers:187)

Making our way south, we head towards the state of Missouri on our way to St. Louis, a town rich in history. Along the way, we will pass through a number of Highway towns, which are great places for a stop en route. One thing’s for sure, you should see the famous Dixie truck stop, “Our Lady of the Highway Statue”, Litchfield and the “Ariston Café”. We will also set aside some time to visit Meramec Caverns as you head for the Mississippi River – a complex of mineral formations which are as rare as they are exquisite. And of course we couldn’t miss the famous “Chain of Rocks Bridge”. Now we are properly in Missouri, the state where the Mississippi River meets the Missouri River, and where you can find both forests meet the grassland prairies. It’s a short ride from the state border into the "Gateway to the West," St. Louis, a dynamic and cultured city nestled along the shores of the almighty Mississippi River. You will find not only some of the best live music, but also BBQ ribs in the entire United States in St. Louis. You can also study the magnificent St. Louis Arch from the window of tonight’s accommodations, the centrally located Hampton Inn.

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
Beautiful country roads in Missouri

Day 4: St. Louis, MO - Joplin, MO (Miles:335, Kilometers:539)

It’s a nice idea to get up a little early before we hit the road. Take a short walk across the street and marvel at an early morning view of the St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River. Soon after we will have St. Louis in our rear view mirrors as we leave the city for the rolling Missouri hills. You will soon see why this is such a popular stretch for riders, especially after working up an appetite for a lunch stop at a place in the middle of nowhere that serves about the best darn BBQ you will ever eat! Tonight we stay in Joplin, a city still recovering from a massive tornado in 2011. We'll meet some of the locals in the downtown neighborhood and hear some hair-raising stories about how it felt to be in the eye of a deadly tornado!

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
The "Pony" Bridge near Bridgeport, OK

Day 5: Joplin, MO - Oklahoma City, OK (Miles:255, Kilometers:411)

Making tracks from Joplin we ride west through Oklahoma, following the contour of a landscape that feels as if it’s always been there. We cover 100 miles between Tulsa and Oklahoma City through what was known in the Old West as Indian country. In the 1830s this land, which was considered basically worthless, was set aside as Indian Territory. It became an expedient dumping ground for the so-called Five Civilized Tribes who had previously acted as a check on white settlement in the southern states. The Seminole of Florida, the Choctaw and the Chickasaw of Mississippi, and the Creek of Alabama were each assigned a share, and the rest was assigned to the Cherokee from Georgia, Carolina and Tennessee. The state still has a large Native American Indian population to this day. As you may or may not already know, “Oklahoma” is actually the Choctaw word for “red man”. As we head west we travel through El Reno and then ride over the mile-long bridge, near Bridgeport and straight into Oklahoma City. Be sure and enjoy your stay tonight in the heart and soul of Route 66 country! Your hotel is handily located in the Bricktown Neighborhood, which is packed with shops, restaurants and nightlife.

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
72oz (2kg) steak. Free if you can eat it! Amarillo, TX

Day 6: Oklahoma City, OK - Amarillo, TX (Miles:266, Kilometers:428)

We get up nice and early for our trip into the Panhandle, the southernmost portion of the Great Plains. Frequently referred to as “the real Texas”, the Panhandle really lives up to the popular stereotype of how Texas is supposed to look. Where the buffalo once roamed and the indigenous peoples once lived was considered perilous and uninhabitable frontier country. However its value went up sharply during the 1870s as a source of natural resources - specifically Helium, especially in Amarillo, and oil. Together with agriculture, this brought enormous wealth to the region. Although Amarillo can seem cut off, even from the rest of Texas, it sits on one of the great American cross-country routes – the I-40 (once a part of legendary Route 66), roughly 300 miles from Albuquerque and 250 miles west of Oklahoma City. Home to a few of the world’s largest cattle ranches, Amarillo takes its name from Spanish and means “yellow”, the color so distinctive to this territory. The illustrious Ambassador Hotel in Downtown Amarillo will be our hosts this evening. Not only that but our good buddies from "The Big Texan Steakhouse" will pick everybody up at the hotel in a fleet of old Cadillacs with giant bull horns across the hood. On tonight’s menu are the finest steaks in the whole of Texas!

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
Cadillac Ranch, near Amarillo, TX

Day 7: Amarillo, TX - Santa Fe, NM (Miles:303, Kilometers:488)

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to the Lone Star State. We’re on our way to “The Land of Enchantment”, that is New Mexico. After passing through the eccentric and colorful art installation known as Cadillac Ranch, we come to the highly atmospheric ghost town of Glen Rio, where you can stand with one foot in Texas and the other in New Mexico. At this stage of the trip, we have 5 states behind us and 3 still ahead. The ride continues through the land of Comanche Indians and into Tucumcari, the largest town between Albuquerque and Amarillo. Then we head up into the High Plains and the slightly dizzying altitudes of Santa Fe in central New Mexico. Santa Fe is one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in the United States. It will be our base for the following two nights, in a hotel just steps from the historic town square and mission, in the heart of Santa Fe’s Old Town.

standard route 66 tour bike motorcycle
Horseback riding, Santa Fe, NM

Day 8: Santa Fe, NM - Albuquerque, NM(Miles:65, Kilometers:104)

Only a short ride left today to return our motorcycles. Please let us know if you need a day or two to enjoy the sights and many galleries Santa Fe offers!

Cancellation terms: Guided tours

Cancellations received less than 45 days prior to the tour departure date will be subject to the following penalties:
45 days or greater cancellation notice: No charge & refunded booking security deposit.
44 -31 days cancellation notice: Up to 50% loss of total Tour price to cover hotel & other costs. Rental Voucher for the remaining amount for future travel.
30 days or less: Up to 100% loss of total Tour price. Rental Voucher for any remaining value for future travel.

Because of the chance of illness, accident, airline inefficiency, company insolvency or other unforeseen situations that may cause a customer (you) to miss a tour, we suggests to purchase travel/trip cancellation insurance. It is a little expense that gives you piece of mind, highly recommended!

Cancellation terms: Self-guide tours

Motorcycle rental cancellation:

31 days or greater: none.

30 - 21 day or greater cancellation notice: 30% of Total Booking Amount.

20 - 11 day cancellation notice: 60% of Total Booking Amount.

10 or less day cancellation notice: 100% of total booking amount.

Cancellation Fees: Fees are based on total booking amount (daily rental rate + daily mileage option + VIP/EVIP).

Booking Changes: Fees of $25/per change, per Invoice will apply to any changes made to a confirmed booking less than 30 days. Changes include but are not limited to, change in motorcycle model, pick-up/return cities, dates, and one-ways.

Package tour (vehicle rental + hotel reservations):

46 days or greater: none.

30 - 45 day cancellation notice: 35% of total booking amount.

15 - 29 day cancellation notice: 65% of total booking amount.

14 day or less cancellation notice: 100% of total booking amount.

Cancellation Fees: Fees are based on Total Booking Amount (Daily rental rate + Daily Mileage Option + VIP/EVIP + hotel rooms and taxes).


Various motorcycle insurances are available that you can book with your rental, for more information please have a look at our Insurance webpage.

What's Included in guided tours?

  • Guaranteed first motorcycle model choice
  • All hotel accommodations - with highest costumer ratings selected
  • Highest Customer Rated Hotel Accommodations
  • Concierge Service
  • Leather-Bound Road Book
  • Road maps
  • "Badge of Honor" Tour Patch
  • Late model motorcycle rental
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Free fuel & oil
  • Online map tracking for family and friends
  • Every day facebook photo uploads
  • Welcome & Farewell Celebration with dinner
  • Helmets for driver and passenger
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Professional Tour Leaders
  • Support Vehicle equipped with spare bike and room for additional luggage
  • Door to door luggage service
  • All taxes, fees, and environmental surcharges
  • National Park entrance fees
  • Hotel Parking fees
  • Discounted Activities (group-priced entry tickets)
  • One Way Transfer fees
  • Transportation between hotel and rental location
  • Custom Riding Jacket (you will keep it)

What's not included in guided tours?

  • Airfares
  • Insurance
  • Motorcycle security deposit (amount based on selected insurance)
  • Food and snacks (except for welcome & farewell meals)
  • Beverages
  • Tips
  • Personal souvenirs

What's included in self-guided tours?

  • All hotel accommodations
  • Late model motorcycle rental
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Helmets for driver and passenger
  • All taxes, fees, and environmental surcharges
  • Transportation between hotel and rental location (within 5 miles, save receipt for rental location)
  • Co-pilot book
  • Detailed day by day or hour by hour itinerary
  • Routing with scenic drive specific for motorbikes
  • Tips for local areas
  • GPS Navigation Unit (taxable): $15.00 per day (Required Security Deposit: Authorized $250 Hold on a major credit card)
  • Customized Pre-Planned Trip to the GPS Unit (taxable): $10.00 per day

What's not included in self-guided tours?

  • Airfares
  • Insurance
  • Motorcycle security deposit (amount based on selected insurance)
  • Food and snacks
  • Beverages
  • Fuel and oil
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Personal souvenirs
  • Parking fees, park entrance fees, road or toll charges
  • Motorcycle security deposit (amount based on selected insurance)
  • Seasonal surcharges
  • Rally surcharges
  • Transfer airport-hotel-airport

To book this tour we need following information from you:
Rider: name, jacket size (guided tour only), nationality, required insurance option(s): VIP Zero, E VIP, VIP, SLI, 1st and 2nd motorcycle model choice, room type: one or two beds in room? Any additional hotel rooms before or after the tour?
Pillion: name, jacket size (guided tour only), nationality
Booking deposit: $1,000 per motorcycle (wire transfer to our US bank account)
Final payment: 6 weeks before tour commences

Please note: do not purchase international airline tickets until tour is confirmed by us!

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